Portfolio: Abstract

Party on a Canvas (oil painting)

Party on a Canvas

When I work on detailed paintings, occasionally I need a break, so I work on fun, whimsical, abstract paintings. I call them ‘distraction paintings’ to keep myself from getting too tight in one area of a detailed painting.

One Moment (oil painting)

One Moment

How often do we try to concentrate on many things at once? In this distraction painting, I felt like each of the areas in this painting described all that could be on my mind in a moment.

Sometimes I Get a Little Distracted... (Oil painting)

Sometimes I Get a Little Distracted…

At the time of this more recent distraction painting, I was balancing many things going on in a busy springtime.

Battle For Light (Oil Painting)

Battle for Light

I handmade the stretchers and hand stretched the canvas for this painting in college. I began the painting in school and for years, the image was very dark with a slight glimpse of light. I seldom rework paintings, but I felt that more light was needed.